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Racing by yacht

The yacht race will run from November 19th to December 10th this year, and it will be on the Atlantic Sea in Spain that it will unfold. Registrations have already started since February and conferences in March.

What does a yacht race look like?

The yacht is a pleasure boat, it is equipped for a family cruise. But as it is customizable, it respects all the disciplines on the water like the competitions of the sailboats, there are competitions of yacht. Most yachts are Formula 1 and it's true that it starts at a high speed and can even cause accidents. There will be 2,700 miles to go with already 600 participants in the poster. It was not just about crossing the Atlantic Ocean as soon as possible. The yacht race will last a dozen days for a very exciting trip, and we are ready to keep up. What's great is to see the enthusiasm of the participants already, because just when you think your yacht is big, a Russian oligarch or an Arab sheik appears with his mega yacht, even bigger.

The motivation of the participants

First of all, it's a pleasure to play with the waves of the sea and it's indeed a great adventure like all races elsewhere. There is a real challenge in this competition and the teams are so close together that never because the water also does not joke. And then the price is a big sum which the owners of these yachts really need. So, yes, it's a race worth following. This sea is really impressive, because today, the sport of sailing, although endowed with the best technical means, tries to re-edit ancient times. In fact, this does not only include competitions involving skill over a short period of time.

Nevertheless, the Monaco Grand Prix is ​​also a highly anticipated event for wealthy yacht owners, and it is a reunion that is a pleasure to enjoy.